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Paco's Acu'rzr - for 22LR ammunition

Phase 3 Tool - picture from gunblast.com

Phase 4 Tool

You may have seen these tools mentioned on some Internet forums.  In case this is new to you, a fellow that lives in Arizona, Paco Kelly, makes this little wonder that can change both the diameter and shape of the bullets in your 22 ammunition.
"Steve, I ran out of brass #3 stock.  Didn't want to hold up your order so I'm sending Phase 4 upgrade - my treat!  Merry Christmas PACO.
What a gentleman!  He certainly didn't have to do that. This was a good first impression of the tool and its designer.  Thanks, Paco.

The note.

Bullet meplat

Paco's Accurizer alters the size and diameter of the bullet's meplat.  It can also form or enlarge hollow points and uniform the bullet diameter. 

Meplat is the term used to describe the diameter of the pointy end of a bullet.  Spitzer bullets have virtually no meplat.  They are slightly larger on round noses. RN flat points on the other hand, feature large meplats which create bigger wound channels than spitzers or RNs.  This will put down game more effectively.

When a bullet strikes game, the meplat makes the wound channel.  Cast bullet shooters have known the value of a larger meplat for years.  Did you ever read about the buffalo nearly being wiped out in the 1800s?  Some people cannot believe that a heavy, blunt bullet moving at slow speeds could have so drastically reduced their numbers.   Many of those heavy, slow moving bullets had wide meplats!

There is a trade off.  Blunt bullets kill more effectively, but they are shorter range propositions.  If you're using RNs or FPs at 200 yards or less however, it doesn't make much difference.  The bullet won't drop enough to make it miss.  The wound channel will be larger however.  

Just try to convince today's shooters of that!



The tool should be used on a flat wood or plastic surface with a plastic tipped or wooden hammer.  Because of the cavity on either end of the Acu’rzr, the rim cannot be pinched between the tool and the work surface.


It's simple to use. You push an unfired 22LR cartridge into the tool body with your thumb.  If the cartridge doesn't seat all the way, place the tool body on the work surface and gently tap the top with a hammer.  This pushes it onto the cartridge until it’s fully inserted. 

Insert the cartridge

Cartridge sticking out

Using a hammer, tap tool body down to seat

Next, using one of the punches provided, gently tap down onto the nose of the bullet.  You might hit them too hard the first few times, but after a few tries, you'll catch on.  I gave the punch two taps. Everyone develops their own technique. After that, pick up the tool and push on the punch to eject the cartridge.  That's it.

Tapping the punch

Ejecting a finished cartridge

Stampings on tool

The Phase 4 Acu’rzr can re-form bullets to four different sizes and there are a number of options. You can start with the smallest diameter and increase it after shooting ten groups of five; measuring group size as you go.  You may want to measure the unmodified bullets of your best grouping cartridges and size them to the closest chamber in the Acu-rzr.  This will make the bullets perfectly round with no variations in diameter.  


A few things to keep in mind: autoloading rifles will not always chamber .224 or .225 diameter bullets; revolvers may prefer the larger, .225 diameter. 


Beside each hole are stampings.  They are marked as follows:











Using the chamber adjacent to the stamp will re-size the bullet to that diameter.  Having choices is also handy for owners of more than one 22 rifle.  Different firearms will prefer bullets of different diameters.

Winchester XPert

Federal Target 711B

HP Bullets (Left):  Winchester XPerts.  An unmodified cartridge -centre, flanked by a Nastinose - left - and a Dish Nose -right. 
Solid Bullets (Right):  Federal Target 711B.  An unmodified 40 grain solid flanked by two dish nosed bullets. 
If you want ordering information, go here - http://www.leverguns.com
I'd like to hear your comments about the Acu-rzr or the site.  Please click on the bottom of the page to send me an email.  Thanks!!