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No 4 Rebuild
I decided to rebarrel my No 4 and chamber it in 30-303
That is simply a 303 British with a .308 barrel
This is the rifle before going to the gun shop.
I am unsure whether I should cut the stock down like the Envoy rifle.

The new barrel is a Shilen .308 diameter, 1 in 10 twist
It's due back from the gun shop in May. More then.

 224 Bullets Available 

52 gr. and 66 gr. bullets made from Sierra or J4 jackets 

 60 gr. and 65 gr. bullets made from rimfire cases


Prices below 



 Do you have questions about shipping?

The bullets themselves?

Email me

Include your postal code and I can give you an "All In" quote.


 First, the blems.  SAVE BIG!

Blems have nicks, scratches, discolourations.

They are first generation bullets that use an open tip design.


NOTE: Prices are for 200 (not 100), 500 or 1000


I have a limited quantity of blemished 60 & 65 gr. Custom Gold bullets made from RF cases,

as well as 52 & 66 gr. Varmint Match bullets made with commercial Sierra or J4 jackets.


Once they're gone, they're gone!


Pricing for .224 Blems: 

Made with Sierra or J4 Jackets 

.224 - 52 grain Varmint Match - $44.99/200 - $111.99/500 - $222.98/1000

.224 - 66 grain Varmint Match - $48.99/200 - $120.99/500 - $241.98/1000


Jackets Made From 22 Rimfire Cases 

.224 - 60 grain Custom Gold - $39.99/200

.224 - 65 grain Custom Gold    - $39.99/200 - $99.99/500 - $199.98/1000

 - plus Canada Post shipping


Canadian orders ONLY.

I cannot ship bullets out of the country.



The Next Generation - Improved! 

 Jackets Made From 22 Rimfire Cases

Pricing for Regular Stock:

60 grain bullets, Qty 200 - $44.99, Qty 500 - $109.99, Qty 1,000 - $215.99

- plus Canada Post shipping


Second generation bullets are protected points. The jackets are cleaned, sorted by headstamp, and individually weighed.  The finished bullets are bagged according to weight and headstamp before being boxed.  They are accurate bullets made from recycled rimfire cases.  It's a lot of work, but the result is worth the time.


.224 - 60 grain PP

Protected Point 

They can be ordered directly from me,
or online from my US or Canadian distributors
If you order using PayPal, please send your payment to - ringsnow@live.com
You can also send me any question, order confirmations, special requests, etc. to


International orders - please email!


The Accurate Lee Enfield

Shooting & Reloading the 303 British

Musketry Regulations - WWI
Reloader's Notes: The 7.62x39mm (.310/.311 bullets)
Small Arms Training - WWII



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