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Reloader's Notes: The 7.62x39mm


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Six factory loads tested!
Federal, PMC, Winchester, Prvi Partizan, Igman and Norinco
Hornady, Lapua, Speer and Sierra bullets tested.  123 and 150 grains!  
Table of Contents below


ISBN - 978-0-9683002-7-5
Perfect Bound - 64 pgs - 6x9

With domestic and military surplus stocks at an all time low, it was time to think about loading my own. I wanted hunting and plinking ammunition, so I tested five different bullets - three 123 grain and two 150 grain. 
But before I reloaaded anything, I wanted to check out how commercially made ammunition shot.  If I ever run out of handloads, I'll know what to buy. I tested Federal, PMC and Winchester factory loads as well as Prvi Partizan, Igman and even some Norinco Silver box - for the hell of it.  All the test results are there. Some may surprise you!
Also:  Case Comparisons - Using Water to Measure the Volume Difference and Pressure Variations - Differences Caused by Changing the Case. 
I also did tests with WC 735,
an inexpensive military surplus powder similar to H335.
123 and 150 grain bullets.
7.62x39 brass - wow, there is quite a difference in internal volume between the six brands I tried!!  What an eye opener!
The powder charge, bullet and primer remained the same, but the pressure jumped as I switched case types and the internal case capacity was reduced! Pressure started at 50k, but skyrocketed to 67K. EVERY loader of this cartridge should know which brand has the most internal space...and the least!
This shows why you should always start at the minimum load listed!!


I also tested six commercial loads. Which ones shot the tightest groups?  Reloaders and non-reloaders will want to know which brands shot the best...and the worst.
You should have heard the reactions from my friends when I told them about my new Remington 799 bolt gun.  Everyone said that it was underpowered.  I couldn’t figure out why.  With a 150 grain bullet,  fired from a lightweight deer rifle, it should be perfect.  Launched at 2200 fps, it had over 1400 ft/lb of energy at 100 yd.  Even using a 125 grain bullet, it had over 1200 ft/lb of energy at 100 yards if it started out at 2450 fps.
Fifty seven pages. 8.5x11 format.  Perfect Bound.  Lots of information. It will help with your own load development. Check out the table of contents.

Remington 799 on the test bench

Table of Contents


Cartridge Specifications

The 7.62x39 (M43)

7.62x39 Rifles

The Plan


The Factory Cartridges

            Range Notes:  Commercial Loads

            US Made Ammunition

            European Made Ammunition


Figuring Out the Handloads



            Case Preparation Tools          

            Case Comparisons - Using Water to Measure the Volume Difference

            Pressure Variations - Differences Caused by Changing the Case

            Bullet Chart


Load Data – includes Range Notes


            123 Grain Hornady SP

            123 Grain Lapua FMJ

            125 Grain Sierra SP

            150 Grain Hornady Spire Point

            150 Grain Speer SP


Tests with WC 735 - 123 and 150 Grain Bullets



Powder Burn Rates

Basic Formulae Commonly Used By Reloaders

Story - Hey You…Boy!