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The Accurate Lee Enfield


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 Book Information:
Learn secrets that only the armourers knew! Adjust and Tweak your No 1 or No 4 rifle for better performance!
It doesn't matter which Lee Enfield you shoot, whether you reload or not, it's packed with info! You'll like the section on accurizing your rifle - it's got tricks to get your 303 shooting better than when it left the factory!

ISBN - 978-0-9683002-8-2
Perfect Bound - 8.5x11 format - 108 pg - completely illustrated!!
Smoothing your trigger - illustrated
Tightening up your rifle - illustrated
Commercial, Milsurp ammunition
Winning Target Loads - sharing some secrets - wind drift & drop tables
Bonus wildcat section. 26 to look at, including the beginning of the 338 JDJ

Table Of Contents
The Rifles
Firearms Chambered for the 303 British
Buying MilSurps
Action Strengths
Lee Enfield Actions - Weak & Springy?
A Trip to the Gun Shop
Headspace - What's the Scoop?
The Two Standards
Measuring & Adjusting Headspace
Case Head Separations
Replacing the Barrel
Accurising Your Rifle
The Stock - No 1 & No 4 Rifles
The Full Military Stock
Stock Options - Maximizing Action Fit
Where the Action Meets the Stock
The Trigger
Smoothing the Pull - Armourer's Tricks From the Past
Can I grease the Trigger?
Getting Your Stock Together
The Sights
Sighting In - All Models
Changing the Front Blade - All Models
How to Measure Targets The Cartridge

The Military Cartridge
Military Specifications
Cartridge Chronology
Cartridge Measurements and Specifications
Commonwealth Headstamps
Buying Surplus Cartridges
Common Problems With Surplus Ammunition
Dealing With Corrosive Ammunition
Cleaning Firearms After Firing Corrosive Ammunition
The 280 Ross & 276 Enfield
Factory Cartridges
Factory Cartridge Specifications & Rating the Hunting Cartridges

Reloader's Notes
The Firing/Reloading Cycle
Neck or Full Length Resizing
Consider a Lee Loader
The Rationale for Reducing the Frequency of use of a Conventional Sizing Die
Checking For Case Wall Thinning
Recording Case Information & Crimping
Life Extension of 303 British Cases
Die Manufacturers

Winning Target Loads
Bullet Specifications & Notes
Load Data
Bullet Drop & Wind Deflection Tables

Wildcats Based on the 303 British Case
In the Beginning...
Ellwood Epps - Gunsmith
The Whys of Improved Cartridges
A Wildcatter's Story

Wildcat/Improved Cartridge Specifications
Meredith 303/22
22/303 Varmint-R (22 Varmint-R)
22 Wasp
22/303 Sprinter
22/303 (22 Rocket - 22-4000)
22/303 Epps
22/303 British Improved 40
220/303 British
243/303 (6mm/303 British)
6mm/303 Epps
25/303 British
25/303 Epps
6.5/303 Epps
270/303 Epps
7mm/303 British
7mm/303 Epps (7mm/303 British Improved)
7.7x54mm Rimmed
303 ICL Improved
303 Epps Improved (303 British Improved)
8mm/303 Epps
338/303 Epps
338 JDJ
35/303 Epps
375/303 Epps

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